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MapRender3D terrain modeling and visualization software package creates high quality relief maps in both 2D and 3D graphics using either it's own comprehensive worldwide elevation database or widely available public domain DEM's.

Korea map rendered by MapRender3D MapRender3D, in addition to its wide range of data import formats, is shipped with it's own complete world 1,000 meter resolution DEM data set giving a choice of five seamless compressed databases, each at a different scale. Also supplied are twenty-seven projected world maps, fourteen special maps of the oceans, poles and hemispheres, and more than one hundred projected country and continental maps. These maps are in USGS Digital Elevation Model (DEM) format. Check the support section of this web site for links to many sites with libraries of DEM as low as 10 and 30 meter resolution for the USA, available free as public domain data, and links to commercial data suppliers for worldwide resources. In addition, newly available data from the Shuttle mapping mission is being released on a regular basis and provides 90 meter coverage of selective continental areas.

MapRender3D features an array of advanced controls including custom rendering, projection selection, rotation, sizing, exaggeration, texture draping, lighting, shading, selective elevation color graduation, and a wide range of import and export in 2D and 3D formats. TIFF format is the recommended export format used to transfer rendered map images to Photoshop or to other image editors for further editing or manipulation.

Typical applications - For designers, technicians and artists who wish to generate realistic relief shaded landscape perspectives of local, regional, national and worldwide areas - for use in a wide range of media, including print, multimedia, animations, web, presentations, publications and in other software applications for navigation, exploration and gaming.

Download and try out the free version of MapRender3D Lite or download a demo version of MapRender3D Pro.

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